William – Long Sighted

William was just under 18 months old when we noticed his left eye turning in. At first we wondered if we were right but then others started to notice. So we took him to the health visitor who referred us to optometrist.


The first appointment determined he had a squint and resulted in a referral to ophthalmology. William was so brave about having eye drops and tests done and they decided to just give him glasses as he is long sighted (+ 6 on left and + 4.5 on right). We would see if patching became necessary. He is now aged 25 months and so far his squint is staying the same, it’s not better but nor is it worse. He has taken well to his glasses after a tough initial few weeks and basically he has to be monitored until he gets a bit older.

We don’t know what the future holds eye wise but up to now he’s great. I want to reassure others that glasses are not the end of the world, kids can and do get used to them and can do everything any other kid does.

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  • Ainslie says:

    This is similar to our story, with Millie being diagnosed with +4.5 (L) & +3 (R).we are day 2 with glasses and I ave stumbled onto this site and its great to hear other stories!

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