Where do kids hide their glasses?


Children in glasses are ADORABLE! We all know that! But what many people don’t know are the struggles with having a child in glasses. For example how hard it is to actually keep those glasses on your cute child’s face!

For example, here is our cute little guy Scott. He has been in glasses since he was about 8 months old. He patches daily and also wears a contact lens in one eye.


Scott is VERY good about wearing his glasses but he has his moments, like all kids do! Very quickly Kids can go from cute to throwing a fit! Take this for or example….. Kids who wear glasses, just have an extra thing to throw fits with. (oh, how thankful I am for Miraflex glasses and how indestructible they are!)


When he was little they were a fun toy to play with…


And as he got older they were a way to rebel…..


And lets not forget what happens to the glasses when you get into the car….


To say the least, glasses on a child are not always easy.

Kids can also be little Houdini’s who can make things magically disappear. Such as an expensive pair of glasses! Makes your heart skip a beat when they walk into a room without their glasses and you have no idea where they put them! Ahhhh…. Over the last 3 years I have spent my fare share of searching for hidden and lost glasses. Lets look at a few examples…


Do you see them? Remember, When you don’t know where to look, always look through the toys….



Sometimes they are harder to spot than others…


And sometimes its just ridiculous… (this took awhile to find!)


And then you are told the glasses needed to cook…


And other times they are right under their nose….

IMG_2640 copy


And if you don’t find them in the toys, start looking else wear….. You never know what they will try!


Sometimes its easy…


And sometimes is HARD….


Thankfully older sisters can be trained to act like a sort of glasses search dog…


And sometimes you just have to laugh…..



Its amazing how glasses can almost camouflage themselves….



And sometimes the patch is hiding with the glasses….


Sometimes he even puts them away!

counter stuff

REMEMBER, if you are struggling with a glasses Houdini. YOU ARE NOT ALONE! Good luck!

If you have a fun pictures of where your little one has hid their glasses, send it our way. (hello@eyepowerkidswear.com) We will try to update this post with some of our favorite pictures!

If your looking for ideas on how to keep glasses on your child, check out this awesome post on Little Four Eyes: http://littlefoureyes.com/2013/12/11/frequently-asked-question-how-will-i-ever-get-my-child-to-wear-glasses/


1. Framehuggers Headhugger straps are created by a Certified Ophthalmic Assistant. These straps are one size fits ALL…infant to adult! They are durable, washable, and fit onto almost all glasses. They also come in multiple colors.

2. Kids Bright Eyes Stay Puts keep glasses where they belong.  They easily slip on to almost any size frame temple for easy adjusting to keep your child’s glasses snug.

3. Speccles are an awesome clear glasses strap! They are perfect for active kids and are made from selected Australian plastics FREE from BPA, lead and latex. Speccles are super comfortable to wear and can be cut to the perfect length with household scissors. Ideal for creating a tailored fit for little heads, without the hassle of having to endlessly readjust.

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