Princesses Wear Glasses


At a young age so many girls love princesses! They look up to them and want to be just like them! But there is one problem with this. So many little girls see all the princesses out there who do not wear glasses and it creates a problem for girls who do wear glasses. We want to change that this month.

Eye Power Kids Wear and Peeps EyeWear have teamed up this month with a goal to help all little girls know that princesses DO wear glasses! Princesses can be powerful, confident, pretty and adventurous while wearing glasses! And most importantly glasses help them see!


For the month of March we will be focusing on ways to show daughter that she is a powerful glasses wearing princess! Be sure to stay tuned for some awesome princess fun including tutorials and activities!

To go along with our theme of empowering all our little princesses, this month we will be giving away a free princess vinyl sticker with all Princess Peeps t-shirt sales! Our awesome princess t-shirts are a collaboration between Eye Power and Peeps Eyewear. We love working with Peeps Eyewear! They are an awesome company who is on a mission to make all your little girls realize that Princesses wear glasses!

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You can order the shirts on our site: HERE and feel free to head on over to Peep’s Eyewear and order a pair of matching purple or pink Peeps Eyewear glasses, book and crown!


You can also join us this month on instagram by sharing photos of your cute glasses wearing princess using hashtag #princesseswearglasses

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Peeps Eyewear is a wonderful company started by Kristin Ellsworth. They design optical-quality eyewear and accessories empowering children to imagine they can be anything they want to be-wearing glasses. When kids unwrap a Princess Peeps package it opens their minds to a fun new way to experience eyewear.

Princess Peeps is a line of durable, sparkly pink and purple frames designed for girls ages 2 to 7.


Along with creating this great line of glasses Kristin has also written and published a book called “Princesses Wear Glasses.” The book is illustrated by Christina Turner and is about adventurous, glasses-wearing princess who helps a dragon see clearly. The book can also be customized with your daughter’s name and hair color, allowing every young girl to feel like a powerful princess. Watch for Peeps Eyewear’s next line, featuring Super Steve (a glasses wearing super hero).

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