Powerful Pink – A Peeps Eyewear Giveaway

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Powerful Pink” is the message Peeps Eyewear’s founder, Kristin Ellsworth wants to spread this Valentine’s Day season.

Out of love for her daughter, she wrote the book, Princesses Wear Glasses, hoping to change the passive persona of the typical princess character and help give children who wear glasses a sense of joy and pride. In the book, the adventurous Princess Annie, dressed in pink sparkly glasses, a cape and crown, bravely befriends a lost dragon. With the help of her glasses and a sense of adventure, Princess Annie saves the day.


“Princesses Wear Glasses is not about the way a child looks from the outside, it’s what they have on the inside.” says Ellsworth.  “I want children to love wearing glasses for what they can see and what they can do.”

Your child can be the hero of the story this Valentine’s Day!  Two winners of the Peeps Eyewear Valentine’s Day giveaway will receive either:

1)An awesome Eye power Kids Wear t-shirt featuring the NEW glasses wearing Power Peeps character, Super Steve, or Princess Peeps character, Princess Annie. Choose your hair color!



2) A customized copy of the book Princesses Wear Glasses, with your child’s name, hair color and a personal dedication.   You’ll also receive a cuddly eyeglasses case—a huggable princess case that keeps your glasses and book safe while you sleep.

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Kristin Ellsworth is the founder of the social enterprise Peeps Eyewear and is an Executive Board Member of Prevent Blindness Wisconsin. She is also the co-founder of the Great Glasses Play Day.

Since 2010, Peeps Eyewear has been on a mission to empower children to love their glasses, increase awareness about the importance of early child vision health and donate frames to children in need.

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