Pair Glasses Review


As you know, We love glasses around here! We also love seeing new companies who are trying to help make glasses fun for kids.

We recently discovered Pair Glasses and they are pretty awesome!!



Pair Glasses makes these fun glasses with an interchangeable top piece. They have a magnetic piece in them which allows you to change the frame to whatever color you feel like for the day!


Claire has been wearing these frames all week and I am kind of surprised at how excited she is about wearing these! We only have 2 of the top frames but we will be ordering a couple more colors soon! We need the yellow and blue oh and maybe the red! She loves being able to pick the color of her glasses each day.

Screen Shot 2017-10-25 at 4.50.02 PM

This is the purple marble and the purple and pink top frames!


Pair has a few different sizes of frames for kids age 6 to 14 years old. They even do a home try on kit where they send you cardboard cutouts of each frame design to try on. The cool part about this is there is no need to ship anything back!Such a fun idea.

We picked the Cedro frame for our base frame. Each frame has different color choices for the top frames!


The top frame sits on top of the base frame. I wasn’t sure about this when I first saw it. It looked pretty thick to me but when my daughter is wearing them they look just fine.


These frames are pretty nice. My main problem with them is that my daughter loves to play with them because of the magnetic piece. (They are pretty fun to change) But the excitement is starting to wear off. The first couple of days she changed the tops out about 100 times.


You can use EYEPOWERKIDS for 10% off your order. Right now they also have a discount on their site if you order 3 or more top frames.

Check out Pair’s website here:




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