We are excited to say we have a BUNCH of new -shirt designs up and ready for order. We are trying something new this time around.

Up until now we have been unable to print a wide range of designs because of a high minimum with printers. We have been busy trying to figure out a solution and I think we have found a good fit. We have uploaded a bunch of NEW Eye Power Kids Wear designs to There you will be able to order your t-shirts.

The way Teespring works is, we post a design up for sale. It runs as a “Campaign” which means it runs for a certain number of days. Once the campaign ends Teespring will print the shirts you order and ship them out to you! Pretty Cool! We are running our campaigns for 15 days.

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If you see a design you would like to order but do not see it available in the right size, please contact us at and we will add it (as long as it is an option). We can also add mugs and totes!

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Orders will print when the campaign ends, sometimes they even print before. They ship as soon as they are printed.

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Please contact Teespring with questions about ordering, or Contact 1-855-833-7774

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YES! If you are in the Portland, OR area (we are located in Banks, OR) you are welcome to pick your order up from us personally. Contact me and we can set up a time. Shipping is free to anyone who picks up. Please email me to set this up

If you are not local but would like to save on shipping, you can share with your friends. Buy together to spread the message and SAVE on shipping cost.

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YES! Of course!

We have more T-shirt design coming in the next week or two but If there is something you are really interested in please contact us and we will get it up for you. This goes for even the rarest of vision awareness shirts! Since our minimum will now be 1, we can make you almost any awareness shirt! We have listened and understand that even though a  disease is rare doesn’t mean you can’t have a cool shirt!

We have some more glasses shirts coming soon too!

Questions? Please let us know

Thank you for your support! Please share and help this work so we can keep bringing you new designs!

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