Moses – Strabismic Amblyopia and Accommodative Esotropia



Meet Moses!

This past February, right after his 4th birthday, I began to notice a very slight misalignment in his eyes when he was playing his race car game. At first I was the only one who could see it. But it quickly progressed and I made him an appointment with a developmental optometrist.
Moses was diagnosed with strabismic amblyopia and accommodative esotropia. He was farsighted but more so in his left eye than his right (anisemetropia). At first diagnosis he was 20/60 in his right eye and 20/200 in his left! My sister has amblyopia as well.
Moses is my patching superhero! He adjusted immediately to wearing glasses and  has not complained about patching 2 hours a day more than once or twice! He has made huge gains in his acuity from being such a champ. He is now 20/40 in his weak eye!


He inspires me everyday when he is patching. He just plays with the hand he was dealt.



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