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Just for fun, I figured I would do a post and introduce the Eye Power Kids Wear team. If you wonder who is behind it all, well your about to find out way more info than you need about the great people who care so much about your little super heroes. Here are some things you may not know…


• I grew up in a small town in Oregon, the oldest of 5 kids.

• I started wearing glasses at the age of 5. I told my mom their was a raccoon in the front yard and made her come running(i was so excited!), turns out it was a boot. DARN. I’ve been through the glasses as a kid thing and Im so thankful for the cute glasses they have now! My vision is not very good with glasses now and need contacts.

• I graduated with a bachelors of Fine Arts with an emphasis in Graphic design From Brigham Young University- Idaho.

• Me and my husband met at collage. The day we met he patted me on the head and then gave the rest of my roommates hugs. (hummmm….) A year latter we were married and he is the love of my life. 😉 We’ve been married almost 5 years.

• Before Eye Power I worked for an awesome company called ObizMedia designing infographics. This was a great job! I love designing things that make a difference, that are fun and that just make the world a better place!

• If I was to list my job description I would say: Mother, Wife, graphic designer, Owner and creator of Eye Power, Social media Marketing Director, Diaper changer, Cheerio picker-upper, Photographer, Secretary, The person to clean up Spilled milk, Organizer of home and business, Shipping Specialist, Child Mediator, Person who tucks kids into bed and cake decorator! Dare I go on…. Yes I do not get a lot of sleep!

• I spend my afternoons with my 2 adorable kids. Scott (18 months old) and Claire (almost 3) These kids are my life!

• I spend most evenings after the kids go to bed with the goal to make All your little ones to feel like SUPER HEROES! I design, and package your shirts and try to think of what I can do next to help families like us!

• Being a mother has changed my whole world. It makes life CRAZY and WONDERFUL! Full of crackers crushed into the carpet, fighting to keep a patch on a grumpy boy, and kids running around like crazy wild animals all the while giggling because they think its funny that I just stepped on their toy car and hurt my foot! But no matter how crazy, I wouldn’t change my life for anything!

• I love decorating cakes. I also run a cake blog here when I have time.

• I love ALL things crafty and hate all things that deal with Math/writing/cleaning.



• Grew up in a small town in Idaho. He is the 7th child of 10.

• He is in his last year of law school.

• His job description would include: Daddy, Husband, Student, Working part time, Studying for tests, homework and writing papers, Keeping mommy happy after a long day with the kids, Numbers guy for the business, Idea man, Climbing toy for the kids and helper around the house when mommy needs to get some work done!

• He loves all things football, fishing, camping, trucks and snowboaring when he gets time. (Go Ducks)

• He is supportive of all my ideas and when I said “Why don’t we design some shirts?”  He jumped right in and we stayed up till 3am the first night coming up with ideas. A month later we launched our kickstarter project!



• Will be 3 in december! (wow how time flies)

• Has always been stubborn and put mommy through 48+ hours of hard labor, she has been running wild ever since.

• She loves being a model for photos. You probably see her sporting shirts and glasses in posts a lot. (She will need glasses in the future but does not need them yet.)

• She loves to help me draw. Which is why a lot of our post are cute little illustrations, we like to color together and she gives me shirt ideas. (The Robot shirt was all her idea)

• She loves all things Princess, Mini-mouse, Tinkerbell, Pink and girly.



• Scott is 18 Months old but It feels like he has been a part of our lives Forever!

• He is the reason why we started Eye Power Kids Wear and why I feel so strongly about making kids feel like super heroes in their glasses and patches.

• He had cataract surgery at 4 weeks old, and started wearing a contact and patch that same week. He also now wears glasses over his contact. We patch 6 hours a day.

• We have good days patching and bad days patching.

• He is a LOVER of music and dancing! This boy has the moves!

• He loves cars and trucks, making messes and throwing food!

• He loves to try and help package shirts (but really he just makes a mess with all the paperwork, if your packing slip comes wrinkled with you shirt, just know scott was trying to say hi!)


Anything else you want to know about the Eye Power Team? 😉


  • Abigail says:

    Hi. My daughter also had cataract surgery at 4 months old. She also wears contacts but not glasses. Why does Scott need both contacts and glasses? Just comparing notes.

    • says:

      We have a pair of glasses scott wears over his contact, It has a bifocal and small prescription in it to help improve his vision even more. We got the glasses around 8 or 9 months old to help with rubbing too so that he wouldn’t rub out his contact as often. They are a huge blessing and have helped a bunch!

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