How to take Photos of kids in Glasses


I wanted to do a quick post about how to take photos of kids in glasses. Taking pictures of kids isn’t always easy. Its hard enough to get them to smile and look at the camera, and once a child gets glasses you have to start worrying about glare too!

I am not a photographer. I have very little photography experience. My sister is a photographer and I have learned a few tips from her but other than that I am self taught and have learned a lot through trial and error. (I take a lot of pictures, which has helped me learn a lot!)

I know a lot of parents have trouble getting some nice photos of their kids in glasses. I wanted to give a couple quick tips to improve your photos!

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Most cameras are set on Auto and will automatically use a flash. The flash can work and create great pictures but as a rule of thumb, try to stay away from the flash! You can create great photos using real light and this can stop the annoying flash glare that shows up on your little ones glasses.


Another thing I have learned about the flash on a camera is that it can bother my son. He is kind of sensitive to light due to his vision issues and a bright flash causes him to not want to look at the camera and he always makes funny faces. I can catch a lot better images and sweet facial expressions when not using the flash. Scott doesn’t notice the camera as much.

With that said their are times when the camera flash is good to use and photos will not work without it because it is too dark. If its evening or dark out than you are going to get a better photo with a flash than nothing. Take for example the photo below, I took this before bed. It was dark out and no natural light. This photo would have been fuzzy if I hadn’t used the flash. He was running wild and climbing all over me. The flash works here because I made sure the camera was at a little different angle than his glasses. The glare became  small and only showed up in a small corner of his glasses. (check out how well you can see his contact in this picture!)


Screen Shot 2014-01-12 at 1.43.50 PM

One of the MOST important parts about taking better photos is the light. Given you will always have moments that you do not have good lighting and have a cute moment where you have to snap a picture, but its best to remember to try and find the light. If you are trying to take better pictures of your kids their are a couple simple tricks you can do.

Find some good natural light in your home. My favorite place to take pictures is by the kitchen table. I really like the large window that lets in good light and I like that I have a simple easy way to entertain the kids and contain my 20 month old. Its not easy to get them to hold still!  I love putting my son in the high chair for some fun close up photos. Ignore all the messy faces, food is a great distractor and way to get little ones to hold still!


Now that you have found the light in your home you need to remember a couple things. You want your child to face the natural light. A simple way to do this. Turn the high chair. 😉 If they are older you can set out a chair that faces the window. Or just follow them around the room and try to get them to look in your direction. With kids you just have to play it by ear. 😉


messy patch day

To give you some idea on how light affects your photos check out these examples. All these photos were taken around the same time.

light-guideDo you have a hard time with Glare in your photos? I hope that I can give you some simple tips that can help reduce the glare and help you take some better photos. To solve the glare problem you just need to follow a couple simple steps.


After your cutie is facing the light, start taking pictures! If you are having trouble with glare from the light of the window try tilting your camera a little bit at a time till the glare disappears. Moving around makes a huge difference in taking pictures of kids in glasses. With adults you can ask them to tilt their head up or down to get the glare to disappear but with children you have to do the moving yourself.



A couple more tips:

* MOVE AROUND A LOT: It might take some practice to learn what angles to hold your camera and how to get pictures without glare. Its also fun to get your little one from different angles. Capture who they are!

* TAKE LOTS OF PICTURES: As you are learning and trying to get better, take a LOT of pictures! You are bound to get a couple good pictures out of the bunch!

* KID MODE: If you are having trouble getting clear photos you can try the sport mode on your camera. This is designed to help take pictures with lots of motion! Kids have a lot of energy and sometimes thats the only way to get a clear photo.


Screen Shot 2014-01-12 at 1.49.23 PM

One of the things I really like to do when taking pictures of children is get down on their level. Get in close. Especially with kids in glasses or eye patches. If you get in close you can see their eyes a lot better! Another bonus of getting in close is you wont be able to tell they are sitting in an ugly high chair! 😉


I hope this helps! Good luck and we would love to see some photos you take of your little ones in their glasses and eye patches!

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  • Ann Z says:

    What a fantastic tutorial!!

  • GREAT tips! Your photos (and kid) are just beautiful! Love the “move around a lot” I’m not a great photographer, but know how to take quantity and use the delete button!

  • Kara says:

    Hi! I’m shopping for glasses for my 1 month old to use after his cataract surgery. I love the shape and color of your son’s glasses! They are the cutest ones I have seen yet! Can you tell me the details- who makes them and what color? Thank you! And I love your blog, you have no idea how much it has helped me in the last few days since entering the congenital cataract world. Great job!!!

    • says:

      Welcome! Im sorry you are going through the struggles of congenital cataracts but we are here to help! If you have any questions feel free to email or message me on facebook. Also add the congenital cataract groups and aphakic kids on Facebook! They are AMAZING! As for the glasses, my son wears Miraflex New Baby 1s in dark gray. Im not sure if the would fit your 1 month old. My son got them at 8 months but he also has a BIG head. You should look at the miraflex site and see if they have any locations near you where you can try on frames. You can also try Kids Bright eyes. They have a frame very similar but a tiny bit smaller that might work. 😉 Let me know how it goes!

  • premekids says:

    Nice pics of baby .
    How can to stop him in a same place for a second.
    I try to pause him but I can’t 555

    • says:

      I like to take pictures of my son in his high chair. He cant get away and he is normally happy when he has a snack. His pictures normally have a dirty face but at least he has a BIG smile. 😉

  • Renee letizia says:

    Hi I love and enjoyed these pictures. I was curious to know if you knew the color of the glasses the blonde boy was wearing? They look either charcoal or off black. Please let me know, my two years old son needs new glasses! Thank you in advance

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