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We are excited for an awesome guest post from Peeps Eyewear and awesome giveaway!


Some glasses are red,

Some glasses are blue,

I think your glasses look great on you!

– excerpt from Glasses, a board book

Peeps Eyewear is partnering with Ann Zawistoski of Little Four Eyes and Eye Power Kids Wear to bring you a great big Glasses rainbow-themed giveaway! Why? Because we’re celebrating the recent release of Glasses (a board book written by Ann Zawistoski of Little Four Eyes and published by Peeps Eyewear.

 Why rainbows, you ask?

1.  The Glasses board book features kids wearing glasses in tons of different shapes and sizes and every color of the rainbow! Here at Peeps, we just love the idea that glasses can help a child express his or her personal style.


2.  Rainbows symbolize hope and acceptance. For many young children, glasses are a hard adjustment; they’re a new (and sometimes uncomfortable) thing to wear on your face and many times children don’t know anyone else their age who wears them.  “Glasses” shows kids that glasses can be a normal part of childhood, and how glasses can be fun.  We think that the moment a child understands that and feels better is like a rainbow after the storm.


3.  Rainbows are just plain fun! They’re bright and colorful, and it’s so exciting when you get to see one in the sky. Even Princess Annie loves rainbows!

The winner will receive:

1 copy of Glasses to keep


1 copy of Glasses to donate to your favorite library, preschool or optical shop

A pair of frames from our online frame shop: choose from genuine Miraflex frames in any color of the rainbow OR any Princess Peeps frame


A t-shirt of your choice from Eye Power Kids Wear


How to enter: Leave a message in the comment section with these two pieces of information: your favorite color, and the name of the library, preschool or optical shop where you’d like us to donate the book.

Extra credit (just for fun): Share the giveaway on FB, Twitter or Pinterest and tag the library, preschool or optical shop so that they know you’re trying to win a copy for them! We can spread the word that glasses are great, and brighten everyone’s day with pictures of the smiling kids from the book. Use the rafflecopter app below to enter!

a Rafflecopter giveaway


Thanks for spreading the word!





****EDIT SEPTEMBER 25, 2015*****





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