Funoogles Glasses Review

Here at Eye Power Kids Wear we are all about helping families with little ones in glasses. Getting some kids to wear their glasses can be hard. When I recently saw these new glasses I just had to check them out. They are such a fun idea!

Have you herd of Funoogle glasses? No?! We hadn’t either until recently when we found them on Instagram. These glasses are the ultimate glasses for a child who likes to change things up. I mean who doesn’t want their glasses to match their outfits everyday. I know if your like me, I cant afford a bunch of different frames (not to mention how expensive it is to put new lenses in a bunch of frames when you get a new RX.)

That is where Funoogles come in. Funoogles give you the feel of a fresh pair of glasses or sunglasses every day of the week. Its easy to change up the style and color of your frames to match your mood or outfit.


We got a fun package of Funoogles in the mail. My daughter was pretty excited! She loves purple and girly things but also loves to wear lots of bright fun colors. The idea of having purple glasses one day and blue the next was pretty exciting.

The glasses come clear with a set of snap on pieces to change up the look.


I was really impressed with how easy it was to change up the look of the glasses.  My 4 year old picked up on it pretty quickly. I had to explain to her that the temples needed to go one way and not upside down. After she got that down she was on a roll! I LOVE that you can change up the front along with the temples of the glasses.


I mean how much fun is it to have different glasses every day! Below is a full frame purple clip.


These glasses are a nice solid plastic and pretty durable. I can’t imaging my 4 year old breaking them. The only piece I would worry about is the awesome outline clip option. This is really fun but is a little flimsier than the rest of the pieces since it is so thin. Once on the glasses their is no way it would break though. Below is the blue outline clip. (I love that it shows the clear frames but gives a pop of color!


Here is the eyebrow clip, with purple temples on a pair of Funoogle sunglasses.


How much fun is it to change up the temples on your glasses? Below are the purple temples with a dark gray front clip.


These would be so much fun for back to school!


Funoogles are awesome frames! I can see kids having so much fun picking out the color of their glasses each day before school. The starter kit is $99 for an RX pair of these. Which includes a few of the snap on pieces and the clear frames. My daughter was happy with just a couple options but it would be fun to order all the colors! Pretty awesome if you consider how many outfits these will match! They also come in a super nice case to keep everything safe!

These are such a fun idea. Great Job Funoogles!



We were not paid to do this post. We just love the product and wanted to share it with you.

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