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I know when our doctor first told us she wanted to do an EUA (Exam under anesthesia) I had no idea what to expect. We couldn’t get a good enough look at my son’s eye with him wiggling all over the place. Our First EUA was when Scott turned 1. You can read about that here.Β 

Last week we had another EUA. Our doctor was worried about pressures being high and we wanted a better look. (Its hard getting a good eye pressure reading on a 4 year old!)

This was Scott’s 7th time being put under and I feel like we knew what to expect by this time around and it made it a lot easier. I thought I would give you an overview of what an EUA day looks like for us.

Our day always starts out with FOOD! Scott cannot eat for 8 hours before going under so no matter what time it is, I wake this cute little guy up to eat as much as he can. This time around our “last meal” was at 6am. (I debated waking him up this time. 6 am is late enough that I knew he wouldn’t go back to bed, but early enough he might be grumpy.) This meant 8 hours of no food and lots of trying to keep a 4 year old happy.

I do have to say. These mornings thoughout the years where I have woke my son up,Β sat and ate these special breakfast’s with him (we eat whatever he wants, sometimes on the couch cuddling), have been some of my favorite moments.


After eating we cuddled and watched a movie until the rest of the family was awake. My parents happened to be moving, so I used that as our intertainment for part of the day. (Grandma and papa’s empty house with no food!) PERFECT!


The last time he could drink anything was at 11. (clear liquids: Water, apple juice or pedialite) I let him carry around a water bottle full of apple juice until 11. He was completely happy about that and didn’t ask for anything to eat until around noon when we dropped his sisters at the babysitters. (thanks aunt Amy!)

We arrived at Casey Eye Institute around 1 and checked in.


They took us back and we got changed, took weight and vitals.


Surprisingly Scott was in good spirits. We ended up having to wait for quite awhile. Β They were a little behind. Scott complained once to the nurse and he brought Scott a DVD player and let him pick a movie. (He enjoyed watching Finding Nemo!)



Around 4 our AMAZING doctor and the anestisioligest came in and answered any questions I had and took Scott back.


The EUA took a little over half an hour. Not bad! Our doctor came and told me Scott’s eye looked great! YAY for good pressures! Huge relief there! They came and got me from the waiting room once Scott started waking up.


I went back and held him until he woke up. They took the IV out while he was still groggy. He didn’t want to open his eyes until the nurse offered him a Popsicle. Then he was happy! We were headed home by 5:30ish. Scott ate a BUNCH when we got home.

When we got home, I asked him how the doctors was. He said fun. He liked watching Nemo. He didn’t even remember them taking the IV out. He thought it was a fun day with mommy!

If you need to do an EUA, don’t be afraid. Try and make it fun! Great doctors help too! Casey Eye was AWESOME once again!

Have you done any EUA’s?


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  • Jamie McAnear Murray says:

    Thankful you had a good day and got a good report πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ» our journey with our youngest grandchild is just 6 months old but lots in front of us. She’s a little warrior though and so happy. Usually doesn’t fight the contact or the patch at all. Prayers for continued good reports for your little guy!

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