Easter Eye Patches and Coloring pages


With easter fast approaching we wanted to help your little glasses and patch wearers to celebrate! Here at Eye Power Kids Wear we strongly believe that patching should be fun! When you treat patching as something fun, and exciting your kids and the other kids around them will feel the same way. Many of which will wish they wore a patch too.

We make it a point to patch when we go out and at big events. Even though our little guy is 2 years old he is already proud to show off his patch to friends and strangers. Many times pointing it out to them! We treat it as something cool and I hope that he will grow up thinking that.

To start off we make fun patches for things like holidays! Think about how much fun it will be for your little patcher to go to an easter egg hung or easter dinner in and easter egg eye patch!


These are so much fun. To create your very own easter eye patch you can follow our tutorial: http://eyepowerkidswear.com/diy-custom-sticky-patches/ Download our free patch design and follow our easy tutorial!


You can download this design HERE.


You can download this design HERE


Download this design HERE. 


Download this design HERE. 


Download this design HERE.

For some more Easter fun you can also download this fun coloring page full of glasses and patch bunnies.


Screen Shot 2014-04-08 at 10.15.09 PM

Have a happy fun patch and glasses love filled easter!


If you like these cute bunny ear headbands you can find the tutorial here: http://blog.hobbycraft.co.uk/easy-easter-bunny-ears/ We found the simple supplies sitting around the house. We used yarn and some plastic headbands and pipe cleaners! So much fun!



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