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Next week marks 5 years patching for Scott! Crazy to think that its been that long. Patching can be hard. It can have its moments and what I have learned over the years is that anything that makes patching easier is worth a try!

We normally like to switch things up. We go between 3 different types of sticky patches (Ortopad, Krafty Eye Patches and MYI Patches) and we also use a fabric Framehuggers patch. Switching it up makes life more interesting and my son likes making a choice. To read our review about these patches go here.

When I saw the Dr Patch I had to try it out. Its such a cool idea! It is a very lightweight silicone patch that suctions to the inside of the glasses. What a cool thing!

Screen Shot 2017-05-10 at 9.19.33 PM


My thoughts about the Dr patch:

  • This patch is lightweight so it doesn’t weigh down Scotts glasses.
  • It suctions to the inside of glasses, making it usable with ALL frames!
  • It has small spaces to make it breathable
  • Because of its shape it fully occludes his sight. Sitting around his eye without hurting or bugging Scott. It has never left a mark around his eye either. We have been wearing it for a couple months!
  • We have had no problems with the patch falling off his glasses. The suction works very well.


  • This patch comes with some fun sticker adhesives to put over the glasses lens. My son was pretty excited to pick out a design. Below is with and without the adhesive. You cut the adhesive yourself so that it fits your frames exactly. This was REALLY easy to do! I really like the look of this patch with and without the adhesive.

Screen Shot 2017-05-10 at 9.38.30 PM

  • This patch is so small its great because its not very noticeable but on the other hand I always worry about loosing it because it is so small.
  • Cost wise, this patch is a little bit on the spendy side but does come with quite a bit of stuff in the pack with it. (The patch, a couple adhesive sheets, a strap, and a cute booklet to track patching progress) It also saves on a lot of money! Not having to throw away a bunch of sticky patches every day does save on money.



  • Scott thought the Dr Patch was pretty cool. He did take off his glasses a couple times to inspect it but he does really like wearing this patch. He will keep this patch on for quite awhile. And it doesn’t hurt his eyebrow (this is his normal complaint to try and get his patch off!)
  • The Dr Patch does fully occlude scott’s vision too! No way to look over or under! Wahoo! I put it on my glasses for a little while and couldn’t find a way to peak… unless I took off my glasses.



In conclusion, I would say this is a pretty AWESOME patch. Its not something we will use every single day but we always like switching things up. We will defiantly be using this a lot! If your looking for a great patch to try, check this out! Its so different than everything else we have. Such a cool idea and addition to our patching routine.

To learn more about the Dr Patch visit their website HERE. 


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