DIY Super Hero Mask, Cuff and Shoes!


All of our kids are AMAZING super heroes!  If you want to give them just a little bit more of that feeling when they receive their glasses super hero shirt then I have created a couple tutorials just for you.


Your kids will love acting like a super hero in their super hero mask, cuffs and lightning fast shoes! Add that to their super hero shirt and they are set!!!!




I made this mask for my son who patches 6 hours a day. I figured it was a good opportunity for some of you who patch with older kids to make it a little bit more fun and exciting! My son is only 1 and doesn’t really understand super heroes yet but surprisingly he kept the patch on for over an hour!My doctor doesn’t really like fabric patches because young kids are very smart about looking around them (totally my son) so those of you with this problem like me can patch your child with a sticky patch and they can wear this over the top. It might make it a little bit more exciting. :)

If you child does not patch you can make the mask the same and just cut a whole in both sides instead of 1. The patch works with or without glasses. Either way, your kids can be awesome super heroes!

mask supplies all

To start you will need these supplies:

•Felt in the colors of your choice

•Enough elastic to reach around your little ones head


•Paper to make a template

•Pen or pencil

•Your child’s glasses


•A sewing machine or needle and thread


I can upload my template if people are interested but kids faces and glasses frames are so different I wanted people to know how to make their own template for the mask. This way it will fit under your child’s glasses no problem!


1. Start by tracing your child’s glasses frames. These are my son’s new baby 1 miraflex glasses.

2. Start by sketching and changing the shape. Make sure to make the shape a little larger than your child’s actual frames so that you can see the mask when they are wearing their glasses. All I did was round out the shape a little. You only need to do this to one side.

3. Fold your paper down the center of the sketch. Right down the middle of the nose bridge.

4. Cut out your shape. Once you unfold it your mask will match on both sides.

5. Test your template behind your child’s glasses. Make sure it is the shape you would like and fits nicely.

6. After you are happy with the shape you can re-trace this template as many times as you would like and add extras to make it any style you want. I made one with lighting bolts out of the top. Like the logo on the back of the super hero cape. You can do whatever you would like.

If you want you can check the template on your little ones face…. But be careful. It could end badly! :)




7. Start by taping your template to your felt. This helps the template in one place while you cut out the mask.

8. Cut around the template. Cut 2.

9. Cut around the eye hole. Make sure you make it in the right place. I cut mine a little too low and will cut it higher next time so it hits the right spot on my sons face. Don’t cut the hole too big. You need to keep a thickish border around the hole so that it doesn’t collapse or bend when put on the face.

10. Cut out and decorations you would like to put on. I did a lightning bolt. You could do a flower, star, princess crown, heart anything really!

11. I cut out three different styles. Measure your child’s head and cut a piece of elastic the right length.

12. Hold the two sides of the mask with the elastic in the middle.

13. Sew around the mask. I used a sewing machine but you could hand sew also. Make sure when you reach the opposite side of the mask that you put the elastic in. When you have sewn around the outside, sew around the inside of the eye hole.

14. Sew around any of the decorations and you are done!

While working on the mask I turned to find this…. Guess I should have been watching better! :)

scott pulling off eye patch

Everyone in our house was a super hero today. Including older sister and doll….



Make your little super hero feel like they can fly! Make them a set of lightning bolts to lace onto their shoes! (Could also be a flower, heart, wings, star or whatever you can come up with)

lightning fast shoes


1. Find a pair of your child’s shoes that has laces. On a sheet of paper draw a lighting bolt that is about the right size. These are my son’s size 4 shoes. I made it so the lightning both covered 2 of the top laces.

2. Cut 4 lighting bolts out of felt. You can use the tape method above to make it easier.

3. Stack 2 of the lightning bolts on top of each other and sew the 2 layers together.

4. I didn’t have a very good way to make a nice hole, I just took a thumb tack and poked a hole in it and wiggled it around to make the hole bigger.

5. The hole isn’t big enough to fit the laces through yet so grab a pen or pencil and push that through to make the whole a little bigger. Repeat with other lightning bolt.

6. To finish just lace the awesome lightning bolts into your shoes!



This is an as easy as it gets super hero cuff.


1. Cut a long strip of felt. I cut a one and a half inch strip for my 1 year old’s cuff. If you are making a cuff for an older child then you might want to make it a little wider. Then cut the length. I just wrapped the strip around my sons arm, held the spot and made sure it could pull the cuff off without letting go. The cuff needs to be able to slip on and off easily.

2. Take one cuff and fold in half.

3. Sew down the cuff.

4. Open up cuff.

5. Fold inside out to hide extra felt and seam and you are done! If you want you can decorate with stars or hearts or whatever. I left them blank. Slide onto your little ones awesome super hero arms.


I can’t wait to see all of your little glasses super heroes! If you decide to make a mask I would LOVE to see!


  • Ashlyn says:

    Cool idea! But umm why do you patch your sons eye?

    • says:

      Thanks, We have to patch my son’s eye because he was born with a congenital cataract and his cataract eye is not as strong and so when we cover his good eye he is able to strengthen his weaker eye. Because of patching he has gone from very bad vision to almost equal vision (wit correction). Many kids also have to patch because of a lazy eye.

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