DIY Princess Crowns

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To start off our month of Princess fun we wanted to do a fun DIY tutorial for crowns. Our goal this month is to help all little girls who wear glasses know that they are a princess and every princess needs a crown!


This is fun and affordable activity to do with your little glasses wearing princess. I went to the dollar store and bought everything for $3 and we were able to make 7 crowns! You will need Pipe Cleaners (it takes about 6 per crown), Scissors, Plastic headbands, Glue and Pom Poms (optional).


Start by wrapping a couple pipe cleaners around a plastic headband. I used 3 pipe cleaners.


Wrap the pipe cleaners all the way around the headband.


Next you will need to create the points of the crown. The tallest point is 1 pipe cleaner folded in half. To make the other two points cut a pipe cleaner in half then fold those. After you have the points ready you will just bend them around the headband. Start with the largest point in the middle.



From there you can glue the pom poms on top of the points with Elmers glue or fabric glue. The girls loved picking pom poms.


Its that easy! Now you have cute little crowns for your daughter and friends!


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Little brother even sat by and watched while playing the prince! He also enjoyed making a couple messes!

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How cute are these princesses rocking their Princess Peeps glasses, Pipe cleaner crowns and princess t-shirts!

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