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If you are an Optical shop interested in wholesale shirts or a Eye doctor interested in stickers for your shop please contact us for pricing and more info. To learn more about what we offer visit the page HERE

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  • Judith Leishear says:

    This is a wonderful site! I could have used your support and help about 10.5 years ago when I found out my son had strabismus and he had to wear glasses at 1 year old. People asked me ALL THE TIME “why I made him wear silly glasses”. I am so glad you have this for families —-like me! What a great thing to do for Mom’s and kids with eye issuses! You rock!

  • Jen Ward says:

    I love your site and think what you are doing is great! I know it’s not as common as esotropia, but I would like to see exotropia added as a category :)

  • Dawn Sander says:

    oh my goodness! when i read your story, i felt like i was reading about my son and i! Jack had bilateral congenital cataracts and i would get asked ALL THE TIME “are those glasses real?” my son is now going to be 5 in Sept and believe it or not i STILL get the silly questions and stares. I ordered him the super power shirt and the WILL PATCH FOR CAKE shirt. that one captures my son for sure! i wish i could buy him the “yes my glasses are real” shirt but they only go up to size 4t. i love love love this site. it is soooo needed and i wish i would have been able to get these shirts years ago – Jack would’ve sported through the sizes!

    • says:

      Im so glad you found the site! How is Jack doing now? Would you be interested in doing a spotlight story about your son! I would love to put him on our site! We may be ordering more shirts soon. If we do I will send you an email and we can order you a yes my glasses are real shirt! Hopefully we will be offering more designs soon! :) I can’t wait to send you the shirts soon!

  • Carla says:

    I love your shirt ideas! My daughter has bilateral congenital glaucoma, with numerous surgeries and cornea transplants. She is now almost 10, but wore glasses from the time she was 7 months. The oddest question I got in the mall one day was, “Does she have cancer?” She was still pretty bald, tall for age, and wore glasses, so I think the person thought she was much older. In our family, everyone wears glasses by my 5 year old son, so it is a bit ironic that he feels a bit left out. Keep up the great work!

  • Dara Vandenberg says:

    I would love to order the shirt: glasses give me superpowers for my son in 24 m size. When will you have it available?


    • says:

      We didn’t expect such great support from our story! I LOVE it! It makes me so happy to see so many people supporting their kids. We sold out of most everything today. Sorry. We plan on putting in a new order for inventory SOON. Like early next week. If you would like to pre-order a shirt keep an eye out and I should have that up in the next couple days. Thanks! I will post on facebook when it’s up!

  • I loved your story tonight. I have been in the optical field for almost 30 years. I own Hendrix & McGuire Optical in downtown Portland and would love to help in any way I can to make people aware that wearing glasses and children’s eye diseases are not a negative thing. I have a niece who had cataracts as a young child and I know how difficult it can be. I have a wonderful optometrist (Dr. Nancy Buset) who would be willing to do free eye exams and screenings for children who are in need. Please feel free to contact me at the above email address or website. We are Hendrix & McGuire Optical. We have been in Portland since 1955 and have a reputation of truly caring about people and their sight. Striving to always give Portland Perfect Peepers.
    Rhonda Nienburg

  • OMG!! I just stumbled upon your Facebook page and fell in love with your message. I’m the co-founder of a one-for-one toy and book company and would love to donate 10 of our flagship plush lamb dolls to you. I know it might SEEM a bit random, but as it so happens, our resident lamb wears an eye patch too! There was a very unhappy incident with the family dog, you see, and because of the resulting head injury, he now has a magical bottle cap eye patch. He also wears pants with cuffs, talks and sings, and even has a disabled toy pig and a special needs Chinese dragon for best friends. Lamby’s message of empowerment and boldly embracing what makes you different really resonates with kids. We’re big on random acts of charity, and so, we’d LOVE to donate a box of Lambys for use as special gifts. Thanks so much for doing what you do!

  • Susan Berry says:

    Hey! Just saw you on ‘Today’ and you guys are so super! My brother had to have his left eye removed as a toddler and got a glass eye. For a while I’m sure he would have LOVED those patches, and I know he would have loved the shirts! Keep up the great work! Many blessings to your family!

  • Rheanna says:

    I think you have done an amazing job! I saw you on the news and have been thinking for awhile I needed to send you a message. I’m fighting the same crusade, but different. You can see my eye patches that I invented ( ) because I couldn’t find anything for my daughter that helped her amblyopia.
    I often have clients that need a little something more especially for boys. I would love to network with you.
    Best Wishes,

  • Emily Gonzales says:

    I entered the contest but it didn’t let me leave a comment, favorite color pink. Library would be Pico Rivera Public Library Mines Blvd 90660 CA

  • Anna Darias says:

    Do you guys sell the actual glasses with prescription like the ones in the photos? Or just clothing and patches?

  • Ada Salas says:

    I have found you through another Facebook page after desperately being looking for stories like these here. My daughter had been diagnosed with a congenital cataract on her left eye about two weeks back, just when she was 6 weeks old and I did not know what that exactly meant. I have read your story and it made us feel much better, I just want to say thanks for doing this! every time I feel scare of this I come back on my feet reading your blog.

    She has been operated and now she is wearing a contact lens and she is doing good, however we know that this is just the beginning. I wanted to ask about the progress of your son since the last post are from 2015. How is he doing now? I hope well, he is certainly and inspiration to us and we hope that we can do as good as you do. Please keep inspiring parents to be positive and make kids life fun and make them feel prod of their glasses.

    I would love to read more about your story.
    Thanks much and happy 2017!

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