Conner – Heart Defects, Alternating Exotopia


We have three sweet, beautiful, amazing boys! Leo is our oldest, Alex is our second son and Conner is our youngest.

After a normal, healthy pregnancy, Conner was born weighing 10lbs 7oz! Yes, you read that correctly TEN POUNDS SEVEN OUNCES! Much to our surprise Conner was born via emergency c-section with complex heart defects known as Transposition of the great arteries, ventricular septal defect and pulmonary stenosis.

By the time he was one week old, he had had several emergencies all resulting in emergency surgeries. He finally came home when was one month old old.

When he was 8 months old in January 2011,he underwent the Rastelli procedure. Five days post op he became septic. This resulted in multiple organ failure, a subdural hematoma and a minor stroke. He recovered slowly and was finally able to come home in April of 2011. He spent much of his first year of life in the hospital.



With three boys…THAT was a hard year but we made it through! In January of 2012, I noticed his left eye drifting inward. My husband and I both have eye problems and in May of 2008 I underwent eye muscle surgery for alternating exotropia. The doctors had told us that it was very likely that our children would have eye problems. Within a week of noticing his eye drifting inward, I had him seen by the doctor and he was in glasses a week later.



He didnt like them much at all when he first started having to wear them but now he loves them! We aren’t sure if genetics played a roll in his eye problems or if it was due to medicines, or the organ damage he sustained in the first year of his life. Conner is doing amazing right now and he has two big brothers, aunts and uncles, grandparents and lots of friends who we call family who love and support him (and us too). To follow our story you can find us on Facebook at Thank you for reading our story! Much love and heart hugs all around.


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