Children in Glasses video clips


We are working on a fun project and would love some quick little videos of your kiddos. We would love it if you sat down with your little one and interviewed them. Ask them just one of these or ALL, then upload it to our google drive. We will post later when our final project is put together.

Here is what video we are looking for:

• Ask your kids why they love their glasses/patches? If your child wears both glasses and a patch, we would love 2 different videos of them saying why they love each!

• Ask your child what they think about their glasses or patch?

•Ask your child what they hate about patching?

• Ask your child why they wear a patch?

• Video of Kids saying I LOVE my Glasses/patch!

• For the younger kids you can get a video of them just saying “glasses, Patch, Love,” or just have them point to their glasses or patch, or clapping. Just a little clip of them being cute in glasses or patch works too!

• All videos need to be horizontal and try to do it in good lighting. (near a window or outside is best)

• Try to get down to their level. If you are getting video of a young child sitting on the floor, get down on the floor with them. 😉 If they wont hold still you can have them sit on a chair, give them something to hold.

•Video of your children trying to put their glasses/patch on themselves would be fun too.

Upload your videos to the google drive here: or send your videos to

Thanks so much in advance. We can’t wait to put all these together. Kids can say some really cute things!

Here is an example. Isn’t she such a cutie! I love the ways kids think!


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