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Eye Power Kids Wear is about kids and making them proud to wear their glasses, contacts or patches. This project started with my son who wears glasses, a contact lens and patches 6 hours a day, I wanted some fun shirts for him to wear and for him to grow up feeling cool in his glasses and patch.

Our spotlights are stories of children from all around the world who are overcoming their vision issues. They are strong, brave and AMAZING! These kids are super heroes!

Check out our spotlight stories and how STONG these kids really are!



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We want our site to be a great resource for everyone and would like to include all stories. Big or small. We also want to include all vision issues, if we do not have any spotlight on a certain topic yet it is because we have not received any and would love to hear from you. If you would like your child to be spotlighted on our page PLEASE send us and email at:

Please include a short story and a few photos with your submission. Higher resolution pictures are best but we will work with what you have. We will be using them in the order received and would LOVE to hear your story! Spotlights will be done every couple weeks. Your story can help others who are just starting on their vision journeys. By sending in your stories and photos you give us permission to post them to our site. If you do not feel comfortable using your child’s name you are welcome to change it. We do not want anyone to do anything you do not feel comfortable doing. 


• How you found out your child needed glasses/patch/visual imparment

• Why your child wears glasses/contact/eye patch/visual imparment

• Your feelings/reactions

• Any struggles you have had and how you have overcame them

• Anything you think would help other parents going through the same thing

• Photos from surgeries, your child in glasses/eye patch

We look forward to hearing from you! Your children are super heroes!



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