Charlott & Garrett: Bilateral Congenital Cataracts and Glaucoma

Charlotte 7 Garrett 12 moscrop

Charlotte surgery 2 wks

Charlotte was born with bilateral congenital cataracts and had her first surgery when she was 13 days old. Her first two years were rough. She had multiple surgeries, didn’t tolerate contacts for very long, and developed glaucoma in both eyes. But since she switched to glasses and her glaucoma stabilized, she’s been doing beautifully. She’s almost eight years old and despite this tough road, she is seeing quite well, excels in school, and has a variety of talents and interests that keep her busy!
Charlotte almost 8 yo

Charlotte’s little brother, Garrett, was also born with bilateral congenital cataracts. He also had trouble with contacts but luckily for him, he has not shown any signs of glaucoma to date. He is just turning two this month and is a very active, goofy, and loving boy.

Garrett surgery 5 wks

Garrett 23 monthsBoth of our kiddos have shown extreme perseverance despite their bumpy road. Between the two of them, they’ve taken nineteen trips to the operating room. But they have shown us nothing but bravery and determination through this process. We feel more than proud of these two wonderful children.

Garrett 17 mos

Charlotte 7 yo Garrett 18 mos

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