Carter – Astigmatism


I got glasses when I was in 6th grade. I vividly remember looking across the gym and being able to make out the faces of my friends. When I was 24 I had LASIK surgery. Waking up that Saturday morning being able to see was amazing.

When I got pregnant with Carter I developed gestational diabetes. Because of this my astigmatism came back. I had LASIK again in the fall of 2012. That fall Carter also started preschool. His teacher called one day to ask me if e squinted a lot at home. I hadn’t really been paying attention, but realized that he was squinting when he watched TV, and he had lots of trouble finding things.


I felt awful. How had I missed this? We made an appointment with a pediatric ophthalmologist (I think that makes a difference) and off we went.

The Dr looked at my son’s dilated eyes and said “wow, he has a lot of astigmatism.” Insert feeling like a crappy mom again. We got his prescription and off we went to get glasses. We chose the flexible metal frames from Lens Crafters and added the protection plan. We got the glasses 10 days later. It took about 3 weeks for him to adjust to wearing them, he was getting headaches from the strength of them initially. Since the adjustment period we haven’t had any issues. He never wants to take them off.


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