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Would you like to donate a shirt to a child who wears glasses or eye patches? 

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Would you like to make a difference. Don't know a child who wears glasses or patches? We will find a child who does and give them an awesome shirt package.  We donate a lot of our shirts to Casey Eye Institue who give our donations to children in need. We also meet alot of parents who love our shirts but can't afford them for their child, many becasue of medical bills. If you know of a child who could use a shirt, we do take donation suggestions. You can read more about our donated shirts here and how to suggest donations. 

You can make a difference! Every child deserves to feel cool in their glasses or patches! Lets make all kids feel like super heroes!!!


Thanks to some amazing companies our Donated shirt packages include more than just shirts!  All Donated shirt Packages include: 
•  An Eye Power Kids Wear Shirt
•  The Book Jacobs Eye Patch Written by Beth and Jacob Shaw. This funny, spirited story—illustrated by award-winning picture book artist Jules Feiffer—encourages young readers to embrace the "something" that makes them unique. Jacob's Eye Patch is the go-to book for talking about differences that kids can enjoy and parents can turn to for guidance. Thank you to the authors for donating copies of the book to us!
• A Lamby Lampants Plush Toy. Thanks to Love and fleece for donating these fun patching lamb toys!


Our shirts will be shiped to many locations and this helps pay for your donated shirt to reach it's lucky little glasses or patch wearer in need! 

We thank you so much! So many kids out there feel like they are alone in wearing glasses or patches. You will help them feel special and bring a smile to a little ones face! What can be better than that!