Carson – Bilateral Cataracts and Glaucoma

If you met our son Carson, you would never realize the path he’s had because he is the happiest and sweetest little boy! He is 8 months old and has been through five surgeries…2 to remove Bilateral Cataracts and 3 for Glaucoma (2 on the left, 1 on the right). He is such a strong boy! He wears +32 silsoft contact lenses, which we change daily. I remember feeling overwhelmed by this in the beginning but now it’s part of our daily routine. He will wear aphakic glasses when he is not wearing his contact lenses and will wear bifocals over his contacts very soon. He is on 4 eye drops daily for Glaucoma.
It amazes us how much his vision has improved with time, although he is definitely¬†visually impaired. We hope it continues to improve and his intraocular pressure remains low so he can get a break from surgeries! We are so grateful for family and friends for their support and prayers for our sweet little guy! We are also very lucky to have met other families who are also striving to develop AND preserve the vision our children have!¬† I appreciate this website because it raises awareness for our little ones and gives them confidence…which promotes keeping patches and glasses on!

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