Avery – Bilateral Congenital Cataracts and Nystagmus

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Avery came in to this world fast and furious and hasn’t stopped.

At around 3 months of age we noticed she would not make eye contact, still wasn’t smiling and even more disheartening was her eyes started shaking back and forth very quickly but small movement.
At 4 months old we brought her in to see an opthomologist. She was immediately diagnosed with bilateral congenital cataracts and nystagmus. We were told that she was completely blind with some possible light perception. She had her first surgery 2 days later. A contact with a +32 prescription was put in her eye and the second surgery followed a few days after that.

She did extremely well after surgery and with learning to use contacts. At 11 months she had strabismus surgery to help correct her cross eyes. It was successful. At 15 months she underwent 2 more surgeries to remove scar tissue. A few days later another procedure was done under anesthesia to remove stitching.

Around 2 1/2 years old, Avery became contact intolerant. After struggling for months with different solutions and contacts we opted for IOL implants. She also had scar tissue building up again that needed to be removed again.
After those two surgeries Avery was put in glasses with bifocals.

We have our good days and bad  days with them. Days where we spend…. Well days looking for them only to find them in purses shoved on the bottom of stuffed animal piles, inside bunny cages… Yep the bunny cage!!! Other days she wears them with no fuss!

Avery is about to be four years old, she is a very strong willed child! She is legally blind with 20/200 but you would never know if you saw her!


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