Meet the Eye Power Kids Wear team. We created Eye Power Kids Wear together as a family when our son was born with a congenital cataract. You can read more about our story HERE.


I started wearing glasses at the age of 5. I told my mom their was a raccoon in the front yard and made her come running (I was so excited!), turns out it was a boot. DARN. I’ve been through the glasses as a kid thing and Im so thankful for the cute glasses they have now! I want kids to be proud of their glasses!

I graduated from BYU-Idaho with a degree in Graphic design.

If you email, call or message, I am the person you will most likely be talking to. I am also the person shipping your orders most of the time.


Rich is supportive of all my ideas and when I said “Why don’t we design some shirts?”  He jumped right in and we stayed up till 3am the first night coming up with ideas. A month later we launched our kickstarter project! He is always helping with ideas for t-shirts and posts. He helps with customer service and more.


Claire is 4 years old and our little model. You will see her often in photos. She likes to help package orders and count stickers for me.


Scott is 3 years old and our inspiration for Eye Power Kids Wear. He is a great model for photo shoots (most of the time) and love to help hand me labels when they come out of the printer. You can read more about his story HERE.

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