Here at Eye Power Kid’s Wear we want ALL kids to feel like super heroes and to feel cool in there eye patches. Not all families can afford a shirt and we want to make it possible for some of these wonderful families to enjoy an Eye Power shirt too. Many families of children with eye issues have many medical bills, paying for lots of prescription changes, contacts and eye patches can be very hard. You can make a difference and help one of these kids feel proud to wear their patch or glasses!


Anyone can donate a T-shirt in our store. These shirts will go to children who’s families cannot afford a shirt. We are friends with a couple non-profit organizations and have many connections where we will be donating shirts. Many shirts also get donated to local offices that do free vision screenings. We will also donate some of the shirts to a some selected suggested families.


Thanks to some amazing companies our Donated shirt packages include more than just shirts!  All Donated shirt Packages include:
•  An Eye Power Kids Wear Shirt (Either a patching or glasses shirt will be included.)
•  The Book Jacobs Eye Patch Written by Beth and Jacob Shaw. This funny, spirited story—illustrated by award-winning picture book artist Jules Feiffer—encourages young readers to embrace the “something” that makes them unique. Jacob’s Eye Patch is the go-to book for talking about differences that kids can enjoy and parents can turn to for guidance. Thank you to the authors for donating copies of the book to us!
• A Lamby Lampants Plush Toy. Thanks to Love and fleece for donating these fun patching lamb toys! (While supplies last).


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Do you know someone who would be a good candidate for a donated shirt? Do they fit these categories:

•Low income family or Many medical bills

•A child who wears glasses or eye patch or other visual Impairment

Please send us an email to Please include the person’s name, age and why you think they deserve an eye power shirt and a way to contact the family (phone or e-mail). We will try to donate shirts to as many suggested families as possible.



HUGE thank you to the Metzgar family for being such a huge help with our donations!

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